Thursday, 23 June 2011

Here is the clink theater where I'm playing again this weekend. It used to be the old police station hence the name and slightly odd locked in entertainment slogan. It got moved from where it was around the corner. And all the profits from the shows that are put on go back into making the theater better (well apart from the money that goes to the greedy high ups who get paid hmm hmmm hmm)

But anyway it's pretty isn't it.

When we come out at night there are curlews running about making noises a bit like ghosts.


discotheque confusion said...

It's incredibly how distinctly Australian is looks, you can instantly tell just from the style of architecture!

I really love your blog by the way. I'd promised myself an early night but I can feel an archive scroll coming on..

danielle said...

Yes i love all these yellow painted wooden houses on stilts.

Thank you for the nice comment!