Saturday, 5 December 2015

A System That Still Kills Me

A little bit heavy, I was trying to learn more about colonial history after being brought to the realisation that we all grow up in a society based on it's systems of oppression and white privilege, and so, we are all on some level, battling a personal fight against bias, daily and constantly. I was reading Rudyard Kipling and also reading articles that linked the air strikes to slavery. Historically, the airstrike is very much a colonial invention. Stop rebellion by interfering with violence. Teach them to be scared. Young men who rebel because their place in life has been taken away. Obviously this is pretty complicated. Anyway this piece is about the airstrikes targeting innocents and how they are a representation of todays continuing colonial rule over non white people.

A driving force behind it was also the opportunity to exhibit in the Common Weal exhibition - Scotland's Political Awakening. Here's an article about the show that mentions me

The work is an original print in an edition of 20.