Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Here's a short film I made while I was on expedition with The Clipperton Project in Peru. Put together very quickly. Next time: a better camera, nicer sound track, more editing time.

I'm loving small moments, splodgy writing, earth from above, quietness, moody trees shaking about, humans playing, spying on people.

We were in some remote villages along the Maranon and the Ukuyali rivers, the two rivers that join to become The Amazon.

This was shot on a small hand held camera from work. I don't know the model unfortunately.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Hello blog.

Here are three pieces of work.

Some other updates (short and snappy):

Still in Glasgow
I have more twitter followers than I ever had blog followers though still not very many @mousey4983
I have been working with the wonderful Clipperton Project with many adventures by boat to far off places
I've been doing some workshops with a lovely organisation called Depot Arts who organise workshops, gigs, events and all sorts in North Glasgow
I'll be posting here more often.