Wednesday, 6 January 2010

i am jane

Feeling very brave taking my shoes and socks off in the jungle.


stefanie said...

think that IS very brave indeed! *in horror of all things with more than six legs*

Beautiful pics though! Is that Australia? Or where are you? xxx

Kathryn said...


when you coming back?

Johanne Cameron said...

oh!!!! you were in the jungle! Tell me all about it when you're back!:)

Ella said...

Yes it's Australia. Near Cairns. On a path that used to be used to transport things inland from the coast. I didn't see any spiders. Kind of boring. :)

Anna Emilia said...

Dear Danielle,

What a happy day for me, your letter dropped from my mailbox while a soup was boiling and I was cutting some dark bread. I enjoyed to read it very much. Will write you a reply one of these days.

Hopefully you are having a great adventure in Australia (the stamp was so nice and I think I never yet got a letter from Australia). You look lovely there. Enjoy. And please don´t get lost on the path.