Sunday, 2 August 2009

I don't remember where I found this

"Here one's life and experiences are so intense; one does not belong, one is part of the landscape: The unhurried is easily accepted. In Europe i couldn't wait to see you again. I was so impatient and edgy. But in Nepal as each day passed I became more relaxed. I just kept going and going, looking at everything and drinking it all in. I have talked with the people and drunk tea in their houses. In tengpoche we stayed an extra day simply because it was so beautiful. It was suddenly not so important whether i met you today or tomorrow, and so perhaps my joy in finding you is more than those heady days in Europe."
Uschi Messner

I think that's right. I found it scrawled on a bit of paper on my floor. I am back from my travels now and I'm ready to rejoin the world. That is, i am ready to fill my own space again.

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